Ad of the Week: Don't get shirty with me!

Ads of Week

It’s cold outside but they say that if you think you’re warm, then you’ll be warm. I’m sure those were Scott’s last words to himself :)

So to test this theory, this week's theme is all about the humble t-shirt. I can hear you now, saying 'what can you do with a t-shirt?' Well, I’m glad you asked!

The piccies below show quite a few clever things actually, especially if you’re a bloke with the mental age of a 5 year old!

I really like the idea for the personal trainer t-shirt but the Resident Evil and Dutch Football Federation are brilliant. Although I can see the validity in the game controller t-shirt, it made me hot under the collar (therefore the experiment was a success).

I hope you like this week's ads, and be sure to let me know via the comment form below!