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Birmingham Design Agencies

Birmingham design agencies For many years, I headed up a large, blue chip company’s creative function. This was an extensive portfolio, and part of my role was to review and maintain over 350 external suppliers. Every year, I would look at reviewing the work of our suppliers and making…


Birmingham Design Agencies

…Birmingham has a number of design agencies situated in-and-around the city. They range from so-called 'full service agencies' through to high focused niche agencies that provide a very specialised service. Traditionally, design agencies are known for producing graphic design material and…


Birmingham Design

…Design has been a strong part of the UK economy for many years. This country has exported many famous British designers whom have achieved international acclaim for their work across the arts, and whom have gone on to work for some of the leading design agencies across the world. Creative…


Why choose a regional agency?

…I started Zulu because I found it really difficult to find a local agency that met my expectations of what an agency should do. After dealing with a lot of agencies all over the UK, including many of the best in London, I found it really surprising that Birmingham was not as well served with good…


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