Ads of the Week: Toys R Us

Ads of Week

Lets face it, all of us on some level or other are just big kids, or am I just speaking for myself? :). This weeks Ads of the Week is called 'Toys R Us' and it's the top 10 toys and games ads from around the globe…or bouncy ball if you'd prefer.

I have a couple of favourites this week, the Pictionary Tree Ad is great as it's actually a wire frame stood in the space and the funniest is the king of toy ads, Lego with their 'Make your own story' Ad. But my ultimate favourite is I think the ad that best describes their brand which is the Playstation Bubble Wrap, the motto is 'Just Play' look closely and you'll see why. Put which is your favourite in the comments box below. Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend…maybe playing a game or two :) 

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