The Greatest Christmas Ads Ever - Vol 2

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IT'S CHRIIIIISSSSSTTTTMAAAAASSSSSS, well nearly and here at Ads of the Week HQ we couldn't finish our last day without sending out The Greatest Christmas Ads Ever Volume 2. It's just like the great 'Now That's What I Call Music' but for Ads.

From this weeks final selection of 2012 I'm going to start with an advert by another agency, called CCT, the strapline says 'Hoping your Holidays are absolutely perfect' and for some reason it resonated well with me :)

I also really like the Ebay ad, it puts the wonderful world of online shopping into a 3d environment and as the poster shows, you can buy literally everything off Ebay. The gift wrapped handrail for all daredevil skateboarders is also a really nice idea.

Christmas and Ads of the Week would be the same without a couple of Marmite Ads, I think these work for everyone, especially in my eyes the early xmas adverts.

But my favourite ad is our last ad for St Marys Church, I think the poster says it all.

I hope you've liked this years Ads of the Week, and that it has given you some laughs, some considered thoughts and a bit more of an insight into the power of advertising.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.

AB Globar Beer


CCT Advertising

Bola Amiga



Sooruz - Skatewear

ISPCA - Dogs Charity Song


Marmite 2


Mini Cooper


St Marys Church

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