The Top Ten Real Brand Messages!

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The Top Ten Real Brand Messages!

Brands spend millions upon millions of pounds every year to grab our attention in an attempt to persuade us to part with our hard earned pennies. What's different about these posters created by Clif Dickens from Honest Slogans is they state what most of us are really thinking.

They're a bit like a standup comedian pointing out a very mundane act that we do every day without ever doing much about it, because it's just too much effort. Peter Kays sketch about dunking biscuits and how you never really get over a rich tea biscuit falling into your mug if you dip it for too long, where as hobnobs are like the marines of the biscuit dunking world, is a great example.

Each of the posters states a key alternative message to what the brand is supposed be about and does it brilliantly simple and funny. My favourite is the Hollister one and the Bic one as they're both more of a real representation of the brand than the brand itself. 

Which is your favourite?

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