How to Create a Poll using Google+


We think Google+ is wonderful and we especially like how you can bold, italicise or strikethrough text in your posts, making them more visually appealing. But one thing you can't do is conduct a Poll straight from within Google+….or can you?

We think this is a fantastic way of using all the great existing Google+ functions mixed with a little bit of imagination and boy is it easy to do.

How to create a Poll

  1. Firstly post your Poll/Question in the status update section.  "We're going to ask if you found this post interesting and informative." 
  2. Share it with your circles.
  3. Immediately after sharing the post, add a comment to your post with your Poll/Question responses.

Ours are: 

A). Yes, it was great

B). No, I knew this already, it's sooo last week

C). I'm using Google+? I had no idea

Once you added your three separate comments go up to the little edit arrow in the top right hand corner of your post (see picture below) and select Disable Comments.














And that's it, you're done, invite/ask people to +1 their response against your answers and you've got yourself a Google+ Poll


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