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Have you ever wondered what a creative world the film industry is? This weeks Ads of the Week, might just go some way to answering that very question.

When I worked in the film industry, there were two camps when it came to designing a movie poster. There was the camp that said if Arnie's in it and things blow up, then show Arnie and a big explosion, which, as a creative can slowly drive you insane. There was then the other camp that said, let's do something creative with this film…these normally did really well right up to the point of going to print and then it got changed to Arnie on the front with a big explosion in the background.

It's only really on the films that haven't done as well as expected in the US, that the UK gets the chance to shake it up a bit or if the film is low budget and needs to draw attention. But is the formulae of designing a film poster that obvious, well…..yes. Check out this weeks compilation of movie posters gathered under a common themes, like Action movies, you'll be amazed. I think my favourite is the Behind compilation, which is yours? Let me know in the comments boxes below. Have a great Easter Weekend.

Theme - Action

Theme - Beaches

Theme - Beds

Theme - Behind

Theme - Colour - Blue

Theme - Couples

Theme - Eyes

Theme - Face

Theme - Legs

Theme - Running

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