Ads of the Week: Street Art

Ads of Week

How do you get yourself noticed? If your at a football match, painting your face in the teams colours or wearing a giant hat tend to work well..or maybe a large poster thats says 'Hello Mum'.

But what if you want to get noticed elsewhere, being clever and using the everyday environment to grab peoples attention is a brilliant way of doing just that.

This weeks theme is Street Art, and is the third part in our Word on the Street theme, you can see the previous ones here and here. I really like the Spectacles in the snow and the Dandelion parking bays, the idea of it just gently drifting off in the wind is quite calming, but my favourite this week is the first one called No Stopping. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments box below or give us a +1 if your on Google + Have a great weekend.

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