Fighting Fire with Fire


Zulu are pleased to announce we have been asked to help the West Midlands Fire Service promote their range of services at the West Midland Fire Academy.

The academy is the Midlands Fire Service centre of excellence for training a range of fire and rescue courses. However what many people don’t know is the academy also provides training to businesses and other service providers.

Zulu have been asked to provide advice and technical knowledge in order to establish an effective sales and marketing strategy for the development of the training academy brand and promote an effective acquisition channel for new leads.

Zulu have worked with the internal marketing team to develop and refine an email campaign focused at local Midlands companies. Creative Director Lee Hampton said “We are very happy to be working with one of the Midlands leading organisations, we believe the WMFS have a very strong brand and are a real centre for professional excellence, we look forward to working with the WMFS over the next few years to achieve success for the Academy”

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