Ads of the Week: Oh I Say!

Ads of Week

So last week got such a good reaction, I thought we’d continue the theme with “Oh I say”. These show just how clever you can be at delivering a product that still today has quite a bit of stigmatism associated with it.

I love the 'Plan your Family Ad', it's a great bit of art direction and you do have to give it a double take. I also think the 'Protect Yourself Fire Ad', is a great way of putting into perspective the dangers of not using their product. But my favourite this week is the 'Happy Fathers Day' advert. It's not only really simple, but funny and delivers the message really well.

Let me know which one you like the most in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend.

Durex XL

Give longer, Take longer


Happy Father's Day

Global Sex Survey

“Don’t be stupid. Protect yourself."

“Girls, protect yourself. Demand your partner wear a condom.”

Plan your family.


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