Google +1 Button is a success


The Google +1 button, which is Google's equivalent to Twitter's 'Tweet' button and Facebook's 'Like' button, is now being introduced to more and more websites across the Internet.

Google Plus OneAs Google+ becomes more popular and more people start to embrace the social network, it seems only logical that the number of +1 buttons will increase too. What's more, as Google places more of its ranking emphasis on +1 data, web managers across the globe will be more inclined to include the button on their sites, so as to benefit from improved visibility within the search engine - which remains, for most people, the number one source of online traffic.

This week, Google suggested that the +1 button is being served 2.3 billion times each day across the web. The company has also stated that over 5 billion impressions of the +1 button are being recorded on publisher sites each day. Whilst the 2 statistics sound pretty similar, many within the industry believe Google treats 'impressions' and 'servings of +1 buttons' differently. It is suggested that the button appears around 5 billion times a day on publisher sites, and is actually clicked 2.3 billion times each day, across the web.

If this assumption is accurate, the Google +1 button is becoming rather popular indeed and whilst Facebook took the social plaudits a couple of weeks ago, following the f8 developer conference, Google+ is still very much in the race to achieve social success - with thanks largely to the company's dominance as a search engine.

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