Ads of the Week: Next Stop...

Ads of Week

So, the 'Ads of the Week' has been running for an unbelievable 47 weeks now. It's explored themes ranging from logos to TV adverts. Almost a year ago now, we put together a collection of bus adverts, which were quite well received by our regular visitors. Today, we're going back to the bus theme, with a great collection of ads.

The following are bus shelter adverts which cleverly use different techniques to communicate messages. There are bus shelters which play visual tricks on you, there are bus shelters full of 'stuff' and there are also shelters which form just part of a wider guerrilla campaign.

This week, the office favourites are the Ikea and the ironing service bus shelter. I think they both show a great use of this marketing channel.

As usual, let me know which ones you like via the comments form at the bottom of the page. Have a great weekend.

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