Ads of the Week: 'Stoim?

Ads of Week

Time is ticking and it's almost the weekend - start unwinding, get some beers in the fridge and pray it's going to be a sunny, barbecue weekend! With the year flying by I thought this weeks theme should be on time and is so called, 'Stoim?' which if you say in a brummy accent translates as ‘What hour of the clock is it?’

Theses are a collection of pretty impressive clocks, which have all been designed and made to present a slightly different way of watching time flying by. They're a great collection, but some of them do make you think! It'd probably take you a good hour to work out what the time actually is!

Anyway, my favourite this week has got to be the pencil/twig clock. It's simple, minimalistic and gives you the opportunity to change its appearance as and when you want to. Also, it doesn't completely re-invent the clock, meaning you can quite easily work out what time it is with a quick glance.

Have a great weekend and bring on the barbecue.

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