Ads of the Week: Failed Logos

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As we all know, logos are a hugely important aspect of any brand, and it's important that they convey a clear message and are not misconstrued in any way. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and the collection of logos below, show some real classic examples of failed logos. The reasons why the logo fails is blindingly obvious in most cases, although there are a couple which may take you a minute to recognise.

Let us know which ones you like as usual…I think we all agree the 'Mont-Sat' logo is our favourite here at Zulu Towers!

Have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!

I'll never look at a Pepsi the same again!

Why has Mr Mont-Sat got a smile on his face?

I think the less said about this, the better!

Surely the designer of this logo must have seen what he was creating here?!

The TGV is the high-speed train running through France. As demonstrated above, when the logo is turned upside down, it resembles a snail…classic.


Shocking 'logo'…the things designers will do for a few cheap laughs!

How rude!

And finally…

Whilst there's no double entendre here, the list wouldn't be complete without everyone's favourite 'logo failure'!

Again, thanks to for an awesome collection!


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