Google: Under The Hood


Our clients will often ask us about the world of search and how services like Google work. As a provider of SEO and social media campaigns, it's our job to keep up-to-date with any developments that are made in this space.

Of course, Google likes to keep its inner-workings to itself, in order to maintain some level of authority within the search environment. It's not hard to imagine how Google would fall in popularity were its innermost algorithms widely known. Its SERPs would become littered with spammy websites and relevant content would quickly become buried by websites run by SEOs looking to capitalise upon Google's revelations.

But Google does release some interesting stuff...

Despite this, Google does, every-so-often, throw a few interesting snippets of information out there for SEOs to latch onto. Occasionally, they’ll also publish/develop information resources which give anyone interested, a bit more of an insight into what they get up to over at the Googleplex.

With this in mind, you should get yourself over to the ‘Under The Hood’ Google page by clicking here. The page works best if you’re using Google Chrome…as does the following.

Google Search Globe

Above is another feature Google has released called ‘Search Globe’, which visually represents one day of Google searches around the world. It’s quite a powerful means of showing the data, and Google have also made the globe ‘open sourced’, meaning you are free to integrate your own data into the facility should you wish!

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