Ad of the Week: Big is Beautiful

Ads of Week

It may seem like we have ‘strayed off the path’ (homage to American Werewolf in London) over the last few weeks. So this week’s theme brings us right back into the fold with ‘Big Is Beautiful’. On the odd occasion, you might be driving round and see something a little bit different with a billboard. The last one I remember that was a bit different was the Cadburys giant biscuit, which stuck out of the poster. What they do very well is grab your attention and this weeks selection all get top marks for doing just that.

I love the Tape advert - it is a great way of emphasising what your product does. You have to give full credit to the Calvin Klein ad too, I think I’d be quite happy to stand and wait for it to rain :)

But my favourite this week is the Razor Blade Ad. I’m fairly sure the pigeons would need to be glued down otherwise they’d go walkabouts. But it would get you talking and telling your friends.

Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments box. Have a great weekend.

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