Ad of the Week: Going Up!

Ads of Week

So are you the kind of person who says no to the lift and uses the stairs, is it because you're keen to stay fit or do lifts just scare you. Well what about if they were like this weeks collection, I bet you'd get in one then.

This weeks theme is called 'Going Up' and shows some rather clever examples of what can be done with the humble lift. For large buildings, lifts are a great media for delivering your brand or advert, but you don't see them being used very often, which is a real shame.

The ones that stand out for me this week are the Hair Loss ad and the Look Inside ad, but for me I love the stairs to heaven, I think this would really stop you in your tracks. Interestingly the picture of the Creation of Adam is actually for a plastic surgeon…possibly a bit of an over confident surgeon there. But the best is the Swiss Sky Dive advert, just having the feeling of standing looking down on a huge drop is brilliant.

What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments box. Have a great weekend.

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