Ad of the Week: It's A Date!

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Can you believe it, we're already in the middle of March, wasn’t it Christmas just last week? In honour of the speedy passing of time, this week's theme is called, ‘It’s a date!’ and it’s all about really cool things that you can do with calendars. Gone are the boring little spiral bound company calendars, kicked into the gutter are the dull mouse mats with the year on them. Here you will only find cool, funky calendars for all ages!

Again, these demonstrate just exactly what can be done with a bit of thought and creativity. I love the ink calendar, it would be like watching art grow in front of you. But, the winner for me this week is the bubble wrap calendar - I defy anyone to be able to resist popping the bubble for the day! It's more likely that the whole thing would get popped in one go!

Let me know which is your favourite in the comments box.

Have a great weekend.

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