Ad of the Week: Its Just A Box

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I bet that when you got up this morning, you had cereal or toast. You might have even pushed the boat out and had a Full English. I’m more a morning Doughnut man myself.

The one thing they all have in common is packaging. Whether it's plastic, cardboard or paper, how much attention do you pay to the box (aside from what gas mark to turn to, and for how long to cook it for...oh and when it goes off)?

Did it look cool? Are you guilty of keeping a particularly posh looking shoe box or not chucking that empty bottle of perfume?

That’s where this week's theme comes in. I've called it, “It’s Just A Box”. There are some really cool examples of what you can do with a bit of packaging and a fair bit of thought.

I really like the tea bag hangers, as it stops you from having to play with that bit of string that ultimately attacks your spoon in some ninja style killer death grip! But, my favourite is the juice cartons - they’re just brilliant. Although I bet anyone that has had their sandwiches eaten by someone else out of the works fridge will love the Anti Theft lunch bags!

Be sure to let me know which ones you like in the comments box below! Have a great weekend.

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