Ad of the Week: Now thats magic!

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So this week's theme is a small tribute to Paul Daniels and I’m calling it “Now that’s magic”. Do not adjust your TV sets, there is no trickery used in these shots, just a lot of patience and skill that will amaze and astound. I think they are all brilliant, but personally my two favourites have to be the JCB truck and the Supermarket. If you only have time to look at one of these today, make it the last one - it's well worth it.

The guy featuring in the images must have some serious insurance to cover heart attacks! Imagine some poor unsuspecting member of the public walking past as he moves! I know I'd jump out of my skin!

Let me know which is your favourite in the comments box as usual!

Also, thanks to everyone who took part in last week's mini 'Pop Quiz', I think it went down rather well! If you'd like to find out how you fared, just click here.

Have a great weekend.

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