Ad of the Week: Word On The Street


So looking at the response last week, it’s really nice to see your sense of humour is as childish as mine. I have been slightly more sensible this week, but there’s still a bit of humour for you. This week is part one of a two week campaign called ‘Word on the Street’ which focuses on really cool outdoor guerrilla media campaigns. This kind of advertising is by far my favourite. You can get to do some really clever things which don’t cost the earth but have way more impact that a 96 billboard poster. They also show how impactful and influential our industry can be when its all done right!

From this week's selection, I really like the the Canon Ad, just because it's brilliant product placement. I think the zebra crossing that advertises the fact that a 1/4 of car accident victims are pedestrians is good (the white strips show the names of the victims), however, it's probably not a great place to stop and read the names. So my favourite this week has to be the Aseema – Every Child Counts campaign, this is just simply brilliant.

Hope you like them, let me know which is your favourite. Have the best weekend...and as a final note, look out for our Valentine's Day competition which launches early next week! I'm sure you'll all love it, so make sure you get involved!

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