Ad of the Week: You havin a laugh?

Ads of Week

Okay, so this week has been a week of trash TV, and I had every intention of being sensible and putting some actual ads out this week (after all I do call it ads of the week). However I thought, it's cold, it's miserable, but heh, it’s Friday so what the hell! So, in honour of my distinct lack on maturity, this week's theme is called ‘You having a laugh?!’. I really can't say much more as I think they are all pretty obvious. Look at them as Part II of the Ads from a couple of weeks ago.

My favourite is…actually, I’m not going to say! You can let me know which is your favourite in the comments box. I promise I’ll show actual ads next week, this is just a momentary lapse…honest!

Have a great weekend, hope these put a smile on your face.

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