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Ads of Week

So, having been off for 3 days with man flu (yes, sympathy please), I am back and getting my appetite back, so I thought it appropriate that this weeks theme should be Fooooooodddddd!!!

As I listen to all your comments, I think I have finally managed to find exactly what the ladies want in their 'Ads of the Week', in the form of a couple of John West Adverts. I also feel that an occasional serious ad shouldn’t go amiss. The ad for Bank Mazon very cleverly brings home the plight of homeless people and the issue of how this needs to be tackled.

My favourite is the Chupa Chups ad, I just love the fact that they almost treat their product in a derogatory manner, casting it aside on the floor and not even the ants will touch it because it really does have no sugar at all. My other favourite - and probably why I included the entire campaign - is the Heinz Mean Beanz ads, with an excellent bit of art direction. It's subtle yet delivers brilliantly.

As ever, let me know which you like in the comments below!

We hope you like them, and have a fab weekend! Or, as is probably one of the most coined food related sayings...“Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!”

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