Ad of the Week: Made You Look

Ads of Week

So as it's a bank holiday weekend and we all know you're not doing any work, we thought you might like something to start smiling about in the lead up to the 5.30pm home time bell!

This week's ads all infer the human body in a cheeky or clever way to get us to stop and look at the product. Let us know which is your favourite and have a great weekend!

As usual, it would be great to hear what you think of the ads, so make sure you leave us a comment! Those of you on Twitter, please feel free to retweet the blog!

Squeezed in Brazil Del Monte Orange juice  

Max Max Books  

Jewellery Bagues Jewellery  

Durex Extra Long Durex Extra Long  

Heel Cream French Heel Cream  

Spanish Lager Ursus Beer Campaign  

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