Ad of the Week: TVA Digital

Ads of Week

Thank crunchy its Friday!

So this week's ad of the week, is a nice easy brain teaser! No prizes if you get them all correct, just the satisfaction of knowing you’re smarter than the average bear.

The campaign is for TVA Digital, and it very cleverly demonstrates the power of colour. The slogan on each poster is “If just 2 colours can reveal a movie imagine what 16 million can do”.

Answers on a postcard folks.

If you know what the films are then post them in the comments section below.

We'll give you all until Monday to have a guess, and then we'll post the answers and any guesses we've received!

Ad of the Week

So we gave you an extra day to crack the answers, how many did you get right? Without further ado here they are: 1. Kill Bill 2. Superman 3. The Simpsons 4. Mickey Mouse 5. The Matrix  


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