Do you use guerrilla advertising?


Guerrilla advertising has been with us for some time and there are some great examples around. The aim is to use placement advertising in a social context that gets the message across and attracts attention. If used correctly, this can act as a highly targeted, very cost effective method of advertising.

Using guerrilla advertising effectively

The best us of guerrilla advertising can be found where the company has managed to convey the key message in a visually interesting and engaging way. This can be through juxtaposition or the use of abstract size or location. This causes people to take notice of the advertising and instantaneously gets the message across.

Targeted guerrilla campaigns

If you use the media campaign in a highly focused way, such as outside the target audience’s home or even the individuals office, home or favourite coffee shop, the success rate can be extremely high and is probably more effective than any other form of advertising.

Limitations of guerrilla advertising

The campaign needs to be of a very high quality to work and also needs to be slightly risky in it’s nature. Guerrilla advertising campaigns, like viral media campaigns, rely on word-of-mouth to spread the message. If you get people talking about the ad over the coffee machine, you have success!

Top tips for using guerrilla advertising Think about your target audience, what do they have in common? Where do they all go and where do they all meet? What is the key message that you want to convey? How do you get your message across in an imaginative and unusual way? What do you want them to do? Having a very clear call to action is very important. Make sure the production and execution is of a really high quality Push the boundaries. If you don’t, people may not notice it, resulting in campaign failure Follow us and support the campaign Measure success

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