Learning from your marketing?


If you conduct marketing on behalf of your business, do you measure what you do?

You will not value what you don’t measure

It’s an age-old management adage: ‘you value what you measure’. All marketing activity needs to be measured. Look at your own marketing campaigns and review how many of them can be measured. Does this measurement extend through to sales orders and customer profiling?

Learn from your marketing

Through measuring your marketing activity and drawing analysis from the results, you can develop real insight into what works for you and what doesn’t. You will need to build a significant amount of data in order to draw worthwhile analysis from the results, so it’s important to ensure you know what it is you want to measure from the start of the campaign. It can be very dangerous to make assumptions halfway through.

Achieving competitive advantage

Measuring your marketing activity and implementing what you have learnt, will deliver a high quality return on your marketing campaigns.  You will be able to develop campaigns that outperform your competitors.

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