Marketing innovation


Marketing has seen incredible innovations through the use of new technology in the last ten years. The most obvious example is the Internet, and this has provided new opportunities for companies to market their products and services across the World Wide Web.

New technology, new opportunities

Although the Internet has made an incredible impact on our society and the way we interact with brands, it is the way the Internet is now used which continues to innovate our thinking. The Internet afforded individuals the opportunity to create their own complex social groups and networks. This utilisation of the Internet also provided a self social profiling opportunity which has proved to be very attractive for marketing.

New channels

Identifying the correct channels and making use of social networking is increasingly important. The birth of Twitter, and the advent of social marketing, has resulted in a surge of business channel strategies that marketing departments are struggling to keep up to date and manage effectively.

Resourcing and understanding

The very nature of the technology and social evolution often proves to be problematic for small groups of internal resources to keep up with. Some organisations have engaged specialist service providers but this is often a luxury which only the largest organisations can consider - so what of the other companies?

Using social media within your marketing mix

I am a great believer in keeping solutions as simple as possible. This is my advice:

Spend time really defining who you want to speak to Select the best channels and social groups for these demographics Provide quality informative information (probably via a blog) Concentrate on building a quality network

Of course, this needs to be resourced, supported and it will take time to realise the benefits from social marketing. But, if you persevere, it will pay dividends!

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