Birmingham Design Agencies


Birmingham design agencies

For many years, I headed up a large, blue chip company’s creative function. This was an extensive portfolio, and part of my role was to review and maintain over 350 external suppliers. Every year, I would look at reviewing the work of our suppliers and making sure that each of the 32 offices had a range of local suppliers with appropriate skills to service the company’s needs.

Problem with Birmingham design

Every year, I had a real problem finding good Birmingham design agencies. The problem was not talent, but rather, a balanced service offering. I often found that many agencies in Birmingham had a very narrow focus with no strategic capability. Much of this was due to the industrial base of the Midlands and a rather superficial engagement with marketing. Much has changed since I was conducting such reviews, however, I still feel that Birmingham agencies remain very narrow in their outlook.

Birmingham Design Agency Innovation

Birmingham agencies need to offer a more comprehensive, up-stream solution. I think that when a client meets an agency, they want to feel that they are going to get the best advice and not just individuals who want to sell them a brochure! Birmingham design agencies need to provide a richer mix of consultancy and strategic planning capability if they wish to be taken seriously by businesses in the region.

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