Protecting Your Brand


Protecting your brand

Brands can be diluted through the interpretation of small points throughout the supply chain. Many organisations use a number of suppliers to produce a range of marketing and corporate material. Each supplier will have a slightly different interpretation of how the logo should look or how the brand should be positioned within a specific context. Over time, the brand can become weaker and inconsistent. This devalues the investment that the company makes in it’s own brand.

Brand guardianship

One way of helping to prevent this kind of incremental brand erosion is to appoint a brand guardian. A brand guardian needs to understand the importance of the brand and how it is articulated over the various channels that the organisation utilises.

Outsourcing brand stewardship

If the thought of appointing a specific brand guardian seems a bit of a luxury in today’s financial climate, you may consider appointing a third party to monitor and manage the brand articulation on your behalf. A good agency that understands your business strategy should be able to provide this service for you. If you integrate this with the account function, you may find it is a very cost effective way of achieving brand stewardship across the organisation.

More than just marketing!

Remember that brand articulation is more than just marketing! The brand touches every aspect of the organisation’s functionality, - from customer service, sales, after-sales support, manufacturing, corporate engagement etc all aspects of the business directly or indirectly contribute to the perception of the brand.

Brand value

A corporate brand often has significant value. Correctly managed and properly protected, a brand can achieve substantial financial returns for your organisation. It is also worth remembering that organisations with strong brands often find raising finance considerably easier than those who do not.


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