New iPhone? Or was it?


On Tuesday, it was reported that the new iPhone had been found in a toilet in California. If this was the new iPhone, the loss would represent an incredible lapse in product security.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

National Media

The report made national headlines with the BBC, Mac News, Sky News and many others carried the report in their technology sections. The reports have fuelled the awareness of the new release and raised anticipation of a new surge of Mac product sales.

Mac on a roll

The sceptics among us may feel that this could be a clever marketing ‘leak’ creating a media story which has resulted in a great deal of free publicity. With Apple announcing a 90% profit increase this year, the new product certainly represents a huge opportunity to capitalise on the success of the iPhone to date.

What’s new on the new iPhone

According to Gizmodo (the organisation that received the iPhone and who conducted the review), the new iPhone will contain a front-facing camera for video conferencing, a much better camera with a flash, possibly a second microphone and better control buttons for volume. The look Apple has gone for is now brushed aluminium and the phone is set to sport a new, ‘flat back’ design’.

How will the new I phone perform?

Whatever the authenticity of the reports, it appears to be a good bet that the new iPhone will be one of the ‘must have products of 2010’ and secures the transformation of the Apple corporate fortune.

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