Happy New Year


With a New Year upon us now many of us will be thinking about what the New Year will have instore!

I think most of us would agree that its often a time for change and promises of new initiatives. For individuals these New Year resolutions can range from going to the gym more often or even the traditional commitment to give up some kind of vice.

This may also be the year when many businesses may also be looking to make a few New Year resolutions of their own. These may include understanding their clients a little better, gaining a few more clients or making the business more profitable. These all involve change and we should not forget that change is an unsettling and sometimes a very much unwelcomed occurrence.

Businesses should be mindful of new approaches and the impact this has on individuals that are directly and indirectly affected by these changes.

When people are involved in change, it is important to communicate the type and nature of the change, why it is happening and what’s in it for them! Sometimes we can forget the importance of effective communication.  Without the corporate communications process being well thought through and effectively implemented the consequences can be detrimental to the business’s bottom line.

When individuals feel unsure about the future or the change they are involved in they can become defensive, protective and withdrawn from the process. This can lead to individuals becoming less productive and may even lead to dysfunctional performance.

With the end of 2009 and the restructuring process that many organisations have been involved in and more change bound to come, maybe a good business New Years resolution would be to review their corporate communications plan and make sure that any changes that are planned are first communicated effectively to the staff, for change comes from within. Get the staff on the bus and make sure they feel in control.  This will drive the process forward and make sure the changes you have planned are effective and positive.

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