Ad of the Week: Stop the Press!

Ads of Week

As I was away last week, I’ve made up for it this week with a bumper crop. Now when it comes to spreads, I’m quite partial to Nutella or maybe even a bit of Peanut Butter with Jam, but this week's ads are spreads of a different kind.

The theme this week is called ‘Stop The Press'. These are genius examples of what can be done with the humble 'Double Page Magazine Spread'.

From this week's choices, I really like the Greenpeace and the Sun Tan lotion spread, both of which are just really simple but very effective. But for me, this week's winner is the DHL spread; great idea and very cleverly executed.

Have a look at the spreads when you open this Sunday’s papers and see if any come close.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments box and if you haven't already, get yourself over to Facebook (, 'Like Us' and spread the word of 'Ad of the Week' to your mates, through our 'Ad of the Week' app! Have a great, sun filled weekend.

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