1.4 Billion Tweets scheduled for February


When it comes to tweet volume, you can expect to be talking in terms of millions and perhaps even billions, dependant upon time-scale. What may be a little surprising to you is that during February alone, many sources are expecting Twitter to receive over 1.4 billion tweets. That's right, you read correctly, 1,400,000,000 in a single month! Unbelievable.

It's interesting to hear that this prediction is not an ambitious one either, with data from the previous 2 months suggesting that Twitter has already dealt with around 1.05 billion tweets in December and 1.25 billion tweets in January. What's even more impressive is that the prediction, if reached, would represent a phenomenal increase of 14x the equivalent figure from last year.

How does this affect my business?

So what does this mean in terms of business? Well, for starters, if your business hasn't embraced the potential of the online market yet, this might be the wake up call you need. You really can't afford to ignore the online channel anymore. With so many people using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, there are potential clients to be found all over the web.

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