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Best Viral Video Ever | Tippex | Hunter and Bears Birthday

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Tippex - Best Viral Video Ever!

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There are moments when you see something and just think, now that's genius. And this Tippex Viral Video campaign is the best we've seen. Anything that gives us new experiences is always going to stick in our minds and Tippex have quite a few tricks up their sleeve in order to do just that.

To save the party you can do everything from 1970's disco where you control Hunter and the Bear dancing, to helping save the future as a hologram in 2525 or you could just go to 1066 and pull the sword from the stone.

Put your favourite year in and see what surprises you get.

Let us know which is your favourite year in the comments box below.

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Comments (2)

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sand_viper wrote at

1970 disco lights and glitter balls.
1953 juke box and a girl on skates, some item of clothing getting dangled

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Nicky wrote at

Love this! The viral tipex ads are always top notch! 1963 hendrix and hippies is excellent. I also loved 1400 knights of the forest : )

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