Ad of the Week: What you looking at?

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So as Christmas isn’t far away, I thought this Friday should be a bit of fun - a bit of interactive fun - so I want to see just how creative you are!

This week's theme is called, ‘What you looking at?’ We've found a very cool website which lets you create the most wacky faces you can imagine. There are over 750,000 possible combinations and all you have to do to create your funny face is click on my creation below, and you'll be taken to the Monoface site. Then click each part of the face to change that particular feature (eyes, nose, chin, hair etc). Each time you click, the features cycle around - but there are loads of them!

Once you've created your face, then take a screen grab of your creation and email it back to me!

We’ll then put the pictures up as a gallery and you'll each be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite. The winner will receive a prize for not only being truly creative but being judged as being the most creative by your peers.

And just to clarify you must be over 16 and have the bill payers permission. All emails submitted are free, lines are not yet open so please don’t vote yet, as you may be charged but your vote may not count :)

Hope you like it, it’s got to make you giggle a little bit and we all need a good giggle now and then!

Have a great weekend...but first, click on the image below!

Lees Monoface