The Top 10 Olympic Ads

Ads of Week

Yes you've guessed it, in honour of the greatest sporting event the world has ever seen, this weeks Ads of the Week is the Top 10 Olympic Ads. With London 2012 at fever pitch, this weeks ads show a broad range of ads, from some serious to some funny.

The McDonalds Ski jump ad is clever, using the logo in a lot of their ads demonstrates how effective a brand, when used properly can be. I love the London 2012 Clean Up London recycling campaign, you'd be so happy if you were selected to be turned into one of the posters. But my favourite this week is titled 'Alison" and it's for the Special Olympics, it brilliantly breaks the viewers precepts of where they expect the ad to take them. Just because someone may appear different, what drives them to excel in their sport is the same as anyone else. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box. And enjoy the rest of the Olympics.

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